CLIENT: André Van Ingelgem, Medicineheads

This project reflects the visualizations of the cottage interior, reminding a country house. A distinctive feature of this interior is a lot of wooden furniture, including walls and ceiling. Natural wood is a key element of comfort in any interior. A large and technological fireplace is a special item in the interior, which makes every evening magical. Fireplace is the heart of the house, giving warmth to each of the rooms and relaxing our minds. Wicker floor lamps change the overall light adding coziness and being accents on their own. Our 3D designers did not forget about revitalizing greenery, placing it in the living room, bedroom and bathroom as well. A kitchen set is performed in cold grey and stone countertop, which is a popular design trend right now. Our team also placed some candles on a kitchen table. Some furniture in this interior is made with notes of antiquity, recalling handmade work. This interior perfectly fit for relaxation with the family and friends. It is spacious, warm and every element makes a holistic and beautiful composition. 

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