Viscato 3D Artists produced another design realization of the same apartment interiors. The other two concepts you can review here and here.

The overall style is kept in a rather modern and fashionable way with a thorough attention to details. In the living area, there are two separate sofas located directly opposite with some small coffee tables in between. The TV set is hung on the wall and surrounded with fitted cases and shelves which are filled with books, plants and other decorations.

The custom made kitchen offers the best that we can find in such an area – the built in furniture unit with comfortably located appliances. It blends the aspects of a modern design with a bit of the traditional concept. An additional advantage is the fact, that there is enough space to put there a small wine fridge for keeping and cooling  this great drink. In this kitchen the balance between the functionality and design is fully kept.

This time round the dining table is of a round shape and perfect for four people. This particular spot seems to be just perfect for the table location so the residents and their guests can admire the view and enjoy the rays of sunshine.

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Living room concept with a big furniture unit, ViscatoShopping Mall in Germany - entrance, Viscato