What is more important in projecting the residence, exceptional cubature or most functional designing solution? As you can see in those visualizations there is no need to choose when we can have both these features.

Who would not want to live in this neighborhood in such an astonishing house with its brilliant space management solutions? We think there can be only one answer. The house is characterized by the simple, yet very interesting shape. As you can see there are two independent entrances to the garage space allowing residents to park two cars with ease. In addition to the roofed garage, we have a popular solution for a terrace space situated directly above it. The mood of the evening scene is enchanting thanks to subdued colors and well-placed light sources. White painted wood covering the elevation makes the house classy and elegant.

The green surrounding of the residence is kept in consecutive style with the structure which means that you will not find there exotic flowers, exquisite bushes, and perfectly trimmed hedge. What you will find is a beautiful and simple garden filled with little scrubs and well-suited trees which is another great feature of this architectural design. That is why property fits perfectly into the neighborhood which is full of green spaces and trees. As you may see in visualizations the district is a peaceful place dedicated for the families which value themselves natural surroundings and calm quality time spent with family and neighbours.

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Exterior visualization from Austria with innovative garage design Viscato3D renderings of a multi-family building with glass balustrade Viscato