This 3D project was produced for a company based in Canada.

The exterior visualizations present the building from the front and the back. The elevation is made of two different materials, but mainly with the use of traditional bricks. They add some more elegance to the building itself and together with the beige elevation which is adapted at the top of building, they create a modern looking multi-family residence with a bit of traditional feeling.

The investment is located in a city of Stratford, Ontario. The building plot is full of greenery, which of course needs to be eliminated before the investment works start. However, it is very important for the Investor to keep the green area surrounding the residence as it always encouraging for the potential buyers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

The multi-family residence offers plenty of apartments of different sizes, some of them with spacious balconies – even the corner ones. Right in front of the building, there is a parking for the residents and their guest’s cars, and additionally, the main road can be easily accessed from the building premises

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3d visualization of a Snorre Stinessen architectural project, ViscatoCopper imitation on the facade, Viscato