CLIENT: Skistua Bolig AS

This modern block of flats is located in a calm area of Narvik in Norway.

The building itself is designed according to the contemporary standards, with facades finished with contrasting colours and materials. Each floor is a bit different, offering a variety of flats with balconies and terraces so there is a high possibility to meet everyone’s needs, starting from a single professional, finishing on families with children, for whom we can see a playground just outside the building, so the children will not get bored.

What is particularly interesting in this 3D project is the fact that, Viscato Artists produced thirteen visualizations presenting every side of the building, from different angles and perspectives. Such a big number of images presenting one Investment allow the potential buyer to make the decision easier and be sure what the building is going to look like from every of it sides, the same stands for the surroundings and landscape planning. We are sure this investment is going to bring the expected results.

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