With great pleasure, we would like to present to you some of our latest exterior visualizations prepared for Scandinavian company. This particular realization enchanted us with its unique mood of a peaceful place where we all wish to live someday.

This astonishing housing estate fits perfectly to the surroundings due to its simple structure as well as natural colours of the elevation. The facade is made of wood painted in white which perfectly combines with brown finishing and roof tiles. Already mentioned solution is focusing your attention on all buildings you may find on the visualizations and at the same time preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. In one of those views, you may see each dwelling has their own porch separated by a short wall with flowers in it. Materials used for the porch and the wall combines with the design nicely thanks to materials which are natural wood and stone.

The project you may see on those 3D visualizations is perfectly suited for families with children. Residents are able to enjoy each sunny day outside teaching how to spend quality time without screens of modern devices. Surrounding of the forest gives dwellers a lot of privacy and feeling of closeness to nature which is so important these days. Each premises has its own parking, therefore, inhabitants do not need to worry about parking space and unnecessary misunderstandings with neighbors. All structures are situated on a slight slope that enhances the feeling of living in the unchanged environment. Our artists fully identify with the concept of this realization what resulted in 3D renders which are unique and pleasant to look at.

For interior views of this astonishing realization visit:

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