These 3D architectural visualizations were produced to show the expected results of an old building renovation in Wiesbaden. After the renovation period there will be four floors of separate apartments offering large living space with four bedrooms and two bathrooms in each of the apartments.

The location at the top of the picturesque road, facing southeast, can surely be described as one of the most wanted locations in this city. The unique hillside area of the investment is just amazingly quiet, near the edge of the forest, but what is more important is the fact that that from every apartment there will be an opportunity to admire the beautiful view. Moreover, there are not too many windows on the street site of the building, which means the residents are not going to be disturbed with loud noises of the cars passing their building and will be able to fully take advantage of such a scenic location.

The apartments are divers but we think the one that should definitely be mentioned is the one located at the top of the building in the attic – it definitely impresses by the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living area. The windows installed in this building are made of wood with an alluminium layer outside and the glazing itself is additionally working as a sunscreen.  They let in plenty of natural light which opens the whole interior space. Additionally, the residents can decide to rent large, double parking spots, which is a very convenient solution, as it is very probable that the residents are going to commute to work/school.

The neighbourhood is well- maintained and full of luxurious detached houses, villas and small apartment buildings. It offers good infrastructure, including schools.

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