CLIENT: Aecaduae

The exterior visualizations produced for this 3D project present a modern building with plenty of prestigious apartments, available for residents in Dubai.

The Investment is located in a splendid area right next to a boulevard with an easy access to open water. This city is well known from its impressive buildings and their modernity, so seeing such a realization in that place is nothing unusual.

The block of flats is divided into two areas- lower and upper. The lower unit is reserved for large flats with spacious terraces and shops offering different services. In the upper unit, there are flats with windows exposed on four directions of the world and they play the role of the eye-catcher, as they cover most of the Investment elevation. The rest of the facade is designed with the usage of toned-down grey and white colours which beautifully reflect the natural rays of sunshine.

The photorealistic renderings present also the surroundings of the Investement which definitely develop the feeling of comfort and trigger the holiday sensation.

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Copper imitation on the facade, Viscato3d exterior rendering of a housing estate, Viscato