This time we would like to present you some 3D exterior visualizations presenting the architectural project of a modern block of flats. The renderings were prepared in one of the best daylights – during the golden hours. The view is comforting and definitely encouraging for the potential buyers.

The apartments are located by the marina, which adds the feeling of luxuriousness to this development. There is also a boardwalk- great for a little walk in the afternoon. The children living in this establishment will be happy to use the playground which is right next to the buildings. The project itself is very interesting, as it seems to look like a regular block of flats, but if you focus on it a bit longer, you will notice some details which make it looks different. A perfect example is a roof, which is not of a typical shape, combining the gable and the flat types together.

The building has in offer regular apartments of different sizes and some spaces on the ground floor, perfect for the business establishments.

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3d exterior visualization of a multi-family house in Norway3d visualization of a corner building- Viscato