CLIENT: Woning Media

This 3D interior project presents open space concept combining four zones – living, cooking, dining, and working. The working area is separatred from the rest with the industrial glass and metal wall that can be opened or closed taking into considereation the actual needs of the residents. The office can also be used as a private cinema, as there is a huge TV set installed on the wall and armchairs that seem to be extremelly comfy.

The whole concept of this 3D interior represents the most up to date design trends. It feels fresh, spacious thanks to large windows letting in plenty of natural light, and dynamic with a lot of contrasting colours complementing each other.

The kitchen, even though not of a big size, offers everything needed to prepare delicious meals. The built in cupboards, oven and fridge save the space and do not overwhlem the area. Freshly cooked food can be served directly to the table in front of the kitchen Island, above which a beautiful glass lamp is hanging to create nice mood.

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open space interior in grey and white, Viscatoblack and white living room, 3D Viscato