CLIENT: Bespoke mirror manufacturer

Every day we go out, try new clothes, do makeup, and just want to have a look at ourselves- we go to the mirror. To feel comfortable we usually have a couple of mirrors in the house. The most convenient ones are those, which show us full-length. This project reflects exactly this concept: full-length hand-made mirrors. Overall, the mirror is the separate functional decorative element for the interior, so it should have an appropriate design to match the placement. The Viscato 3D artists represented several options of mirror frames. At first, you may see a beautiful and massive vintage-style mirror frame. This option would be perfect for the living room or big bedroom. Next 3D visualizations show three different styles: thin and light frame, dark frame, and no frame options. These styles are universal and match any room. The rest three styles are performed with wooden frames of different shades. Wooden frames are so fashionable, fresh, and natural! 

Our team is sure- handmade products are valuable and unique. These products will make your design special thanks to the peculiar energy it has.

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