How to prepare needed materials for the visualization to finish the project in 5 days. Part two: determining cameras/angles for the project. What to do if you don’t know which solution to choose for your visualization?

Hello everyone who reads our blog! We continue the series of articles about needed materials for the 3D visualization to finish it in 5 days. Previously, we discussed the initial materials that are necessary to start the project. Today we would like to discuss the second important part: cameras and angles. It seems camera angles may not be so important as the mood boards and drawings, but for 3D visualization, every detail makes a huge sense. First of all, because changes of the angle lead to the changes in the whole visualization: lighting, the position of the sun/moon, accents including the quality, shadows. A different angle shows an absolutely different view. When the camera angle is wrong, the impression, the emotional perception will be incorrect. There are several main types of camera angles that will help to make your project creative and outstanding. The choice of the angle depends on what is going to be presented, but let’s go through the types first.

Summer bench, 3D visualization

Birds-eye view

The birds-eye view or the view from above can be rather used for 3D exteriors. This is the best option to see the building or house together with the neighborhood, roads, and needed location. The birds-eye view looks very impressive and attractive. It is widely useful for real estate marketing, developing, and selling. This view is great for visualizing some commercial properties to see how the buildings look like in a particular area. In spite of the fact that birds-eye view helps to see the object inside the vicinity, some of the architectural details may not be visible: for example, playgrounds for kids, particular elements of the building, windows, facade, and etc. Below you may see the birds-eye view that the Viscato 3D artists finished recently for the investor. The client preferred to have three different views of the exterior to perform it faster and to have a better picture of the project. When more details are needed, the next view type may be useful.

housing estate with marina, 3ds Max

Slight view from above

This is not the wide view where the whole location is visible but the average one where you may see the building from a slightly narrower perspective. Thanks to this you will see the elements of the building, facade, doors, and windows, close surroundings in detail. By this view, you will see the whole building and surrounding territory at the level of your eyes. Below you may find an example from the Viscato portfolio.

Apartments in green oasis, 3D architectural rendering

View from the street

Imagine you stand on the street and look at the building from the ground- this is how the visualization will look like. With this type of angle, you will see the live view, with people, cars, lights, and nature. For example, one of our latest projects demonstrates this and all the angles described above- the contemporary housing complex. This view has some advantages: it is natural and real. In the real-life, we used to see the architectural buildings from exactly this view. 

Cozy front garden, 3ds Max

Wich angle to choose and how many?

Everything, of course, depends on what exactly you would like to present. Each angle opens the varied view. If you would like to see how the building is going to fit the neighborhood from above- the birds-eye view is the best option. The “close-up” view will present more details of the building, but still, allow you to see it slightly above. The “street view” helps to observe the building in its natural environment. Usually, our clients order all three types because they are the most popular, but apart from these main ones they order many others. The more angles- the better. More views you have- a bigger number of details appear, so the project will be fulfilled effectively and faster in real life. More different views guarantee the highest quality of the project realization. Also, a large number of diversified camera angles help to reinforce the presentation for the client and improve the portfolio. It is widely used for selling properties and attracting more customers.

Lively street, 3D architectural visualization

What to do if you don’t know what solution to choose for your visualization?

The best option that can be recommended is to entrust this part to the artists. When you don’t know or are not sure, you may always ask the 3D artists. If you would prefer to work with us, the Viscato experts could deal with it or give the recommendations to achieve the best result. The success of the project depends on the big number of precise details, which can be gathered by having different angles and perspectives. In the case of selling the properties, a large number of cameras may complete the portfolio with high-end renderings, which will make it highly competitive. Nowadays the clients have lots of requirements and it is hard to convince them to buy. Different angles will make them confident that the project will look beautiful. To sum up, the best option is to entrust the issue to the professionals. The many angles you have, the more chances, the project will be performed according to your expectations! Each and every view has some advantages and disadvantages, and if put together they show the full exterior image. 

We hope this article was interesting and useful for you! The third part is coming soon, do not miss it! In case of any questions about this or other topics, you may always use the chat window on our website or write us an email- we are always glad to help you! 

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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