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The ESTATE PREMIUM PACKAGE includes both interior and exterior visualizations and a floor plan. We suggest it to the clients who build bigger, more advanced and complicated real estates as block of flats or housing developments.

Within this package, we offer you 5 exterior visualizations, 2 of which are free of charge. You can choose the views on your own and decide whether you would like them to be set during the day or night time.

Besides, there are also 7 interior renderings of 3 separate rooms located in a chosen flat/house, one of the visuals is free of charge. It is completely up to you how many views of a single room you would like to receive. The most popular choice of our clients includes 3 views of a living room with a kitchenette, 2 views of a bedroom and 2 views of a bathroom.

If you decide to order this package you will also receive a 3D floor plan of the chosen flat/house located in your investment. We are sure this will perfectly fulfill the whole 3D project realization and bring the overall design closer to your potential customers before the investment is completed.

Please have a look at the sample realization of the ESTATE PREMIUM PACKAGE offer below.

If you have any questions concerning this package do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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