Visualization 3d

Its a photorealistic image of project or product which already does or does not exist. Most commonly used to present and sell a product. 3D graphics are a commonly used method of presenting products and projects. It`s so popular, becouse of it`s flexibility to create live­looking visual effect.

Photorealistic effect

3d models are clay­like sculptures. To give them a photorealistic look, graphic specialists make realistic materials. Those high resolution materials, like pictures of wood, steel, concrete, leather, give life to model. With special modifiers we can adjust color, glossiness, reflection, and even surface roughness.

What`s also very important is the closest environment, which is also to be recreated in 3d, and lighting­ it can be e.g. nighttime, daytime, dawn etc, as well as artificial lighting.

3D Cropping

Frames/pictures of 3d scenes are nothing else than illusions of perspective. It`s very similar to photography-­ it also has similar parameters, like focal length, shutter speed, film ISO etc. This is why in 3d software there is a camera object­ that is our virtual camera which makes “photos”. After rendering it, we save raster images to the computer.

When working with a client, the graphic designer makes propositions for frames (in lower resolution, without foliage), which we then send to the investor. From these chosen frames we make detailed renderings, in high resolution, ready for the final process.

Postproduction of 3d visualization

This is the final stage of the visualization process. The rendered frame, from our 3d scene, with all the created and defined reflections, shadows, lights, atmospheric and volumetric effects, need some last adjustments – just like normal photo. This is the time for finishing touches­ correcting saturation, contrast, sharpness, or even adding people, pieces of environment, lens flare effects or atmospheric effects. After all this is done we have our visualizations done and ready for commercial use.


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