Product visualization

Product visualization is a good and inexpensive way to present an offer, on for example a company website. Photography isn’t always the best method– it`s expensive and time consuming. The photographer isn’t always capable of presenting all the details a client would like presented. So, what are some of the other benefits, that we could gain with the help of visualization?

Photography vs. 3D visualization

Promoting a product using photography requires hiring a skilled, professional photographer, a studio, graphic correction and others. When the offer rapidly expands, the company needs to take care of unifying it’s product presentations. Photographs should be done in the same way with the same postproduction. When the concept changes, the process starts from the beginning. The disadvantage of traditional photography is that once a picture is taken, you can`t change it’s point of view, direction of light and the color modification is limited.

3D visualization is a creation of faithful in terms of proportion and materials model in virtual space. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of arranging any studio, lighting, background. The boundaries are set only by the human imagination. Selected parameters for environment will not change, no matter from which point the shot is taken. Depending on the client`s needs, we can edit parameters of the product itself, as well as the background environment, and render the graphics from scratch, in new arrangement or colours. All illustrations, made as 3d visualizations, showing different series of products on the page, will definitely be presented coherently and attractively.

Share your 3D product model with professionals on your web page

It`s a common practice, which is currently mostly used by finishing materials producers, interior and exterior materials, furniture, decoration and sanitary equipment. Already made 3d models, technical drawings of offered products, are shared on producers pages for general use by 3d artists and designers. It`s good to know that professionalists are using libraries of products, that they can download and “paste” into design they are currently working on. It`s not only a help for specialists­ -it`s also an effective product promotion for the manufacturer or distributor.


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