Exterior visualization

3D visualisations have successfully replaced mockups. This form of presenting a building exterior along with its closest surroundings stimulates the imagination just as well as a photo of the finished project.

Assisting the Design

Architects and engineers are using visualisations as a tool supporting the design process more and more willingly. 3-D shows much more than a flat view – for the investor and the designer. By analizing the look of a building in 3D, it is possible to systematically correct the proportions of chosen elements e.g. balconies, windows, roof inclination. In the finishing stages of the project, when the materials for the elevation, roof, the color scheme and woodwork need to be selected, photorealism plays the most important role. On the visualization, it’s possible to replicate any material along with faithfully copying the color, texture, sheen and swell.

Architectural visualisations of multi-occupied houses e.g. developer investments don’t confine themselves to just faithfully showing the view of the building. Community standards usually include an organised plan of developing the surrounding area for car parks, playgrounds and green areas for the joint use of future residents. The aesthetic of these areas is just as important for future buyers as the localisation, the look of the building and the flats.

Promotional presentation of architectural investments

A finished 3-D visualization presenting the newly designed housing community along with it’s beautiful surrounding area is currently the best advertisement and sales tool in the developers branch. Multi-format graphics in the form of billboards, advertisements on whole newspaper pages, published on websites, fanpages, bearing advertising slogans are the best incentives for future buyers.


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